walk ALone. walk your own camino at home


A few days prior to my departure for Santiago de Compostela I read a beautiful text. This really touched me and confirmed exactly why I wanted to go on this pilgrimage.

In the Exodus story in which people distance themselves from a restrictive Egypt and head for the land of their dreams, it is all about people freeing themselves from their chains and leaving anything that enslaves them to search for a place where they can finally shine. To allow vision to prevail above fear is what this story is inviting you to do. But striving towards a vision does not mean the need to break away from your own history and traditions; it is about keeping vision and tradition together*

I was searching for my own freedom. I had unconsciously locked myself into working structures and living patterns that were making me unhappy. I had already had various dreams; an invitation to make changes. However, these dreams demanded courage to break habits and to let go of old certainties.

I set off on my own. It was a fantastically challenging journey. I met many special people with impressive stories. I thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of nature, lovely authentic small villages, large cathedrals and little intimate chapels. I enjoyed many laughs, drinks and songs and walked more than 800 km. At the same time I was also being challenged to let go of my fears and comfort zone. I suffered a serious shin injury that forced me to slow down and walk on my own quite a lot. This taught me to look at what happened to me in a different light. This gave me many unexpected surprises, beautiful interpretations of life and religious experiences!

My pilgrimage has inspired me to set up Hinde Lodges. Having grown up in a family of business owners, I became an entrepreneur and built extensive experience in the fields of recruitment and career coaching.

I hope that everyone can experience special walks and personal freedom. Nature walks have a healing effect on body and soul. They are beautiful as well as a life skill to be able to walk in true freedom and to allow unexpected surprises and meetings to occur.

Walk in freedom and find your own dreams! Dare to stand in the light. Walking the Camino to Santiago is fantastic, but closer to home as well.


*Source:Trouw/Deirdre Enthoven, interview with Pieter Lootsma