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Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port - Santiago - Finisterre - Muxía

Would you like to know how my adventures on the road to Santiago continue?

The next morning we walked through the beautiful town of Astorga, packed with history and reminders of Roman times.

After a wonderful breakfast and with a big smile on our faces, we continued our journey again as five happy pilgrims.

How wonderful it was to be reunited as a group! León was behind us by now and vast fields appeared in front of us.

I barely managed to answer, but stuttered:

The next morning, I was happy to continue my journey in the direction of Sahagún. The landscape was not especially beautiful today, but that didn't really matter.

I woke up early the next morning, thanks to a lot of chattering and creaking. I was in a dormitory with about 25 beds.

After a sociable evening, I was again the last one to leave the inn and I continued my journey alone. I hiked through beautiful, vast grain fields and every now and then I passed a village.

Still a little wobbly, I walked through the streets of Castrojeriz and could not believe that I was walking without pain. I also felt so different, so light.

The next morning I started with a delicious breakfast on the terrace in front of the inn. Here I met the pilgrims of the previous night again. We had a great time, making it difficult for me to start the hiking path again.

After a lot of chatting and fun we arrived in the small village of Agés hours later. We checked in at an inn with a pleasant atmosphere.

The hard sleeping mat, my painful leg and the monk’s impressive words caused a sleepless night. The next morning I got out of bed exhausted with a lot of pain.

Never before during my camino had I woken up with such a hangover. As I was really late this time, I had to set out without breakfast. Not pleasant.

From Viana I set off with a different feeling for the first time. I could let go of my fears of previous days and, strange enough, immediately felt more freedom.

The next morning Ilse, Joyce and the Dutch guy wanted to go the bull run early. Anja and I were not eager to go.

That night I slept in one room with the three other dutchies. The room was really too small for four persons.

It was so pleasant that night that we decided to meet again at the end of the next day in Pamplona, the city of the bull runs.

The following morning everyone set off early again. When I was the last one to leave the monastery in Roncesvalles, my own pair of hiking shoes were the only ones there.

That night we dined with a whole group of pilgrims.

The next day I woke up in the heat of St. Jean Pied de Port. After breakfast I decided to send my thick down-filled sleeping bag back to the Netherlands.

The days leading up to my departure were hectic. As usual everything was done at the last minute.